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About James Kwok


James Kwok is a Registered Professional Engineer in Australia [NPER2232083], Chartered Professional Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia. You can view his profile on the Engineers Australia website here. James is the inventor and technologist of granted world patents and patents pending for:


United States of America granted Patent
Certificate for James Kwok's PortalGen
[No. US008240231B2]
    • Solar-Prism (PortalGen) for solar PV energy storage for power transmission network stabilizer. Patent protection has been fully granted in the United States of America [No. US008240231B2]; Click to view the US patent certificate. In Australia, the Patent number [PCTAU2006905282 and AUS2007302602] has been accepted; as published in the Official Journal of Patents on 2 February 2012

    • Fluidised-Bed Combustion Reactor (FBCR) and Coal Gasification/Liquefaction tech [original patents 1982]; and for [12] key elements and innovative system patents [AU2003/001117-29].

    • Hydrodynamic-Cycle for hydrostatic pressure energy conversion. (Hidro+ Hydrodynamic Power Technology). [AU2007/906961; AU2008/01888; AU2008/902488; AU2008/338258; AU2010901678; World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) international publication no: WO2009/0876727]. Hidro+™ is a registered trade mark.
      Click below to read the Hydrodynamic Power Technology Technical Papers, of an introductory level, as presented at the 2011 World Renewable Energy Congress in Bali, Indonesia: Paper 1 (3.8MB PDF) and Paper 2 [Lvl. 1 - Basic] (0.5MB PDF).

    • Vortexodial turbine for wind energy conversion as a distributed power generator. [AU/PCT2007906962; 2008/001821].

    •  Vortexodial turbine for wave energy conversion as a shore-line generator. [AU/PCT2007906962; 2008/001822].

    • Torque Reversal and Clutch Gear Coupling, being extensively used within Hidro+ Hydrodynamic Power Plants, and also having wide applications including for reverse thrusting in passenger aircraft, recoil neutralizer for large compressors and diesel engines, electric cars, biomedical cardiac surgery, etc. [AU2007904786].


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All processes of hydrostatic pressure and gradients used for conversion into energy have been considered by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) as novel, showing inventive steps and suitable for industrial application. These rights are held by Hidro+ Generation Technology and Associated Companies world-wide, under world-wide patents and patents pending. It is not the intention of this website, or its related media and content, to disclose Technology IP (Intellectual Property) in any shape or form. Technology IP has been intentionally omitted and/or removed from these publications. However, any entity seeking to imitate and/or deliberately reverse-engineer any Technology IP referenced herein may face prosecution for patent infringement which carries severe penalties; including but not limited to imprisonment and/or other consequences. Please be warned and recognise the risks of infringing upon rights that will be enforced and pursued against individuals, corporations or governments both joint or separately. Your use of this website constitutes an acknowledgement of these relevant laws.


A Peer Reviewed paper on Hidro+, written by
pected physicist and technology researcher,

Dr. Wayne Nowland, and published in the

'International Journal of Science and Engineering'



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